VYKTOR MAAS based in Montreal, Canada, born in Panama city. DJ Vyktor MaaS. Dj since1997.

My Style of music includes all types of sounds, and is delivered to the crowds in a laid back, friendly and professional manner. My goal is to bring the NEW SOUND. Since leaving the that i help to found have developed a following of devote fans that love to dance or listen to my beta. I am able to transform any environment IN my little paradise and am able to keep the party in progress.

Psychedelic soul, jazz fusion, electro, afrodub, Deep House and Classic House, those are the main essences and influences that make up the foundation of my sound, but as a dj I am always experiencing new sounds. I have been the resident DJ at such clubs as Bubbles, bops, Mezza Lounge, Living, Daylight Factory, Sky Bar, MagNolias, Divers/Cité Cachondo and Del Mar Lounge. I have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to play as a special guest DJ at Buddha Bar, Millen Bar, Upper Club, Cafe Deseclusiers and Divercite, and MONTREAL VIP NEW YEAR’S, BAR LANJUE, and ARENAS BLANCAS (CUBA), DECAMERON (PANAMA CITY), SALON DAOME, (OASIS NIGHT) HOUSE OF JAZZ MONTREAL, STOGIES CIGAR LOUNGE, SUITE 701, PEOPL. WITH JOJO FLORES /QUENTIN HARRIS and now my new residency at THURSDAY club and play club.

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