TONE DEPTH has spent most of his life mastering many skills and his talent as a DJ is bar none. He honed his skills as a DJ in Canada’s world famous afterhours club Stereo , With productions being signed to many top international labels such as Bedrock, Great Stuff, Definitive, Perfecto and many more as well as producing classic remixes like Armin Van Burren “Who Is Watching” ft. Nadia Ali. 

Tone Depth's productions have also featured on numerous world renowned compilations for labels such as Global Underground, Renaissance, Black Hole Recordings and countless others. His songs and remixes continue to be supported by the worlds top DJ’s and he has sold over half a million copies worldwide through compilation licensing over the past decade. 

Tone’s reputation in the studio precedes him self. Having worked with a wide range of artists such as Lionel Richie, Sultan, and many others behind the scenes, he eventually launched his own imprint Bad Pony Records back in 2009. © 2018 All rights reserved. All content supplied by guest artists on this site has been done so with the permission of the named artist. Rhythm is Rhythm reserves the right to post and share this content with their permission but the content provided remains the property of the submitting artist. Some minor modifications may have been implemented for the content to be made compatible with the Rhythm is Rhythm website.