Nicola Torriero kicks off July with a special 3 hour Mix

Our show 'RHYTHM IS RHYTHM' is definitely one of a kind here in the city of Montreal and we are ever evolving. This July marks us having a 'NEWS' section where we will be keeping our listeners up to date with what we have coming up.

We feel very strongly about showcasing the great Canadian talent there is alongside the best internationals in the underground electron music world. There would be no show without the dedication and support we get from our guests and followers alike and we strive to keep bringing
more and more great mixes as we head into the summer.

Because we received so many great local and international guest sets for May and June, Nicola decided to hand over the airwaves to those artists and he decided to take some time to develop something new he himself has been exploring musically. 

So to mark the launch of July and a new stepping stone in the RIR project Nicola had prepared a 3 hour mix that also marks this new sound adventure. His musical journey began back in the day with Disco and then on to Punk/New Wave. The change over to 'house' was a definitive turning point in his DJ journey. He has played all aspects of deep through to tech house. Four years ago he moved over to the TECHNO side which he embraced and loves, he feels this is where his signature sound really developed. 

Now in 2016 Nicola is again in the realms of evolving, this time delving into more deep and melodic vibes blended with an under beat of his techno spirit. He is definitely not leaving techno behind its more of an expression of blending the dark side of techno with the warmth of more melodic ethereal sounds. 

Nicola will be playing at several venues this July, stay tuned for further details.

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