MIKE SWELLS As a DJ, general manager, and promoter is a veteran curator of premium live musical experiences. He dedicated the first 12 years of his post-university life to this intention in his hometown of Boston, securing a permanent place in the hearts of its dance music community. With a sound that blends organic instrumentation with electronic elements fused together by a dancing heartbeat, Swells’ dynamic style sets a contagious vibe that can carry a crowd past sunrise. Through ongoing residencies, he maintains close ties to the roots that shaped him as an artist. From his new home in Brooklyn, Swells turns his focus to original music, a new podcast, and continuing to share the sounds that move him.

Until its final party in 2015, Boston’s RISE Club generated waves felt by every soul in the building, with Swells at the helm. From operations, to bookings, to performing, he made RISE a warm, welcoming home for those who seek deeper sounds. Swells’ efforts at RISE—from regular open-to-close sets to sharing the booth with countless internationally renowned artists like Josh Wink, Dubfire, and Uner—earned him a reputation as one of the primary go-to DJ/promoters in Boston. His impact was felt locally and globally, solidifying RISE’s legendary status with DJ Mag’s #42 spot on the Top 100 Clubs of 2012. For Swells, RISE was the perfect sonic testing ground where his own musical style grew and evolved. For the artists and patrons, RISE was the platform on which Swells helped build and rally many communities around the cause of underground dance music.

Today, Swells continues to join forces with disparate crews like Fractaltribe, Therapy, and Bijou for headlining sets or sharing the decks with beloved artists like John Digweed and James Zabiela. He remains heavily invested in Make It New (Cambridge, Mass.), The Red Door (Portsmouth, N.H.), and Soundscape (his production company w/ partner Pepe Elias), creating a stage for artists like Recondite, Kink, Detroit SwindleHoney Soundsystem, the Keinemusik crew, Barem, Santé, and more in the interest of growing the local house and techno scene. Now immersed in the many cultures of New York City that helped shape the history of dance music from day one, Swells is thrilled to embrace the next phase of his growth as an artist. With great love and dedication, he promises big things in 2016 as he turns his focus to his podcast, writing music, and as always, delivering inspiring sounds to discerning ears.

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