MIKE LARRY Born and raised in the vibrant city of Montreal, Mike Larry had his soul stolen by music at the young age of 18. A Stereo Nightclub veteran, Mike ditched his job as a mechanic to pursue his dreams of becoming a DJ and music producer after a life-altering experience with Danny Tenaglia on the dance floor. Since then, Mike has only sought to push his musical skills further and further each day.

Producing the darkest and most entrancing techno, Mike has released on labels such as Unity Records, Yellowjax, Blue Orb, and Red Orb Recordings. His knack for high quality productions has given him the opportunity to play alongside the biggest names in techno, such as Steve Lawler, Pig & Dan, Joseph Capriati, Carlo Lio and Nathan Barato and many more. From Montreal to Toronto, Valencia to Milan, Playa Del Carmen to New York, Mike has demonstrated his skills across the globe in different cities, venues, and different crowds. 

What Mike Larry can bring to the decks is unlike any other, with his dark persona and his talent for ‘SMASH’ing each and every gig, Mike puts his mind and heart into music, which can instantly be felt. Mike brings his persona to the scene, and he's here to stay. A producer on the rise, and a DJ with a deep, dark, honest attitude, Mike Larry is one DJ you want to party with!

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