MARCIANO based out of Montreal, Canada, is an Italian dj and producer. Known for his hard hitting and bottom heavy sound, he delivers an abundance of energy and weight with his DJ sets! With residencies at the infamous Stereo Montreal and Velvet, Marciano has built up quite a name for himself. He has played in Toronto, New York, Miami, Mexico and he is only just begun his career.  As well he has been part of the infamous BPM festival in Playa Del Carmen and for Winter Music Conference in Miami! On the production side, Marciano has released originals and remixes on several heavy labels including Stereo Productions, Elrow Music, Funk n' Deep Records, Lapsus Music, Younan Music, Jekos Music, and many more! He is honing in on his signature sound and to further solidify his reputation in the world of techno. Marciano is also the creator and big boss of the hot techno label La Famiglia Recordings! With some of the biggest talents already on the label and it only existing for 2 years, Marciano's drive and focus are pushing it to the TOP! He has built a solid family and you can expect to hear and see a lot from this label! Follow the #MarcianoMovement!! © 2018 All rights reserved. All content supplied by guest artists on this site has been done so with the permission of the named artist. Rhythm is Rhythm reserves the right to post and share this content with their permission but the content provided remains the property of the submitting artist. Some minor modifications may have been implemented for the content to be made compatible with the Rhythm is Rhythm website.