LAURA SCAVO is no stranger to the underground scene. Fuelled by her passion and love for music she spent the last decade emulating a vast array of influences from around the globe. In doing so she developed her own unique style, which is manifested through her captivating performances. Crafted with great attention, her sets deliver deep and sexy rhythms with euphorically soulful breaks that cast a spell on the audience leaving you wanting more.

Laura has been making an impression on the Montreal scene, leaving her mark on some of the cities most renowned clubs including Stereobar, Velvet, New City Gas, Galt and Red Room. Never limited to just one sound or space, Laura Scavo has also played internationally at Pacha NYC and Sankeys NYC, opening for artists such as Kaiserdisco, Kim Ann Foxman, Sebastian Leger, Blond:ish and N’to amongst many others.

Meticulous and creative, both in the booth and in the studio, Laura has been producing music that will surely garner some attention in 2015. With her charming aura and captivating energy the future remains very bright for this young and talented artist. © 2018 All rights reserved. All content supplied by guest artists on this site has been done so with the permission of the named artist. Rhythm is Rhythm reserves the right to post and share this content with their permission but the content provided remains the property of the submitting artist. Some minor modifications may have been implemented for the content to be made compatible with the Rhythm is Rhythm website.