Like the missing piece to a puzzle, Koray Celik, fills in the gaps by connecting underground electronic music, people and places. Born in Canada with roots in England and Turkey; he began his adventure into the music industry during his university studies in the United States. What started as weekend adventures to Boston, NYC and his home city of Montreal slowly turned into his career. With each event, festival and rave his list of friends and vital industry knowledge grew. Eventually, due to his keen ear, passion for the scene and excellent communication skills, Koray began booking and managing a few techno artists.

In 2013, after graduating university with a health science degree, Koray decided to dive head first into the international underground music scene. He became part owner, manager and investor of a techno record label in Montreal as well as a shareholder of a new afterhours project in Boston, Club Taurus. For the next two years, Koray worked to expand his business by booking his label artists in a variety of venues inducing; Cielo NYC, RISE Boston, Therapy Rhode Island, Roxbury and Penthouse Montreal and a few unfdergound clubs in Portland. As Koray’s involvement within the industry increased so did his reputation.

These days, Koray Celik, is known as an influential event promoter, artist manger and music industry entrepreneur. He currently is owner and promoter of REPENT worldwide, an event that premiered during the 2015 summer season in Ibiza. Making him officially the youngest promoters to successfully pull of a summer long event in the White Isle. Following the success of REPENT 2015, Koray returned home to Montreal, Quebec to work on his ultimate vision; to unite the Techno scene as one.

So far Koray has worked with friend Alexserra to throw a REPENT event in Slovenia and as of January 2016 he become an exciting new member of the Rhythm is Rhythm team.

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