We met Koray at Velvet Montreal in November 2015, just after we launched our show, he was immediately interested in
what we were about and what we wanted to do in the underground electronic scene in Montreal.

In January 2016 we met with him and interviewed him for our show and discussed a REPENT RIR collaboration, we
instantly knew that he would be a great asset and valued member of our team.

His passion and drive to make a difference in the Montreal scene was incredible and together at our meetings the
ideas would flow and there was many an hour of laughter and excitement of all the things he wanted to achieve.

Everyone who met Koray undoubtedly knew what he wanted to do and what his dreams and aspirations were.

Much to our great sadness and at a huge loss to his family, friends and us here at RIR, Koray was taken from us
on March 6th 2017. Words will never be able to fully express the loss we felt on that day, to know we would never
again have those energy charged meetings filled with so much ambition and excitement.

We hope that wherever his spirit is gone that he is still tapping his feet. We owe a lot to Koray for his input and
belief in our project and we will always miss him. As far as we are concerned so long as we continue we honour
him as a valued member of our team.

KORAY CELIK 1988 -2017

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