JULIAN PRINCE the art djing was sculpted and explored via numerous nocturnal excursions. Dating back to 2001, visits to legendary nightclubs like New York's Twilo, Montreal's Sona and Stereo along with the annual pilgrimage to Miami's Winter Music Conference, sculpted his international and always innovative sound. 

Simply mixing two records is a feature that almost anyone could master with enough practice; but playing sets and creating effects that takes the crowd on a journey, however, is something rare in the world of dj'ing these days. 

At 16, Prince got some turntables and became a fixture in the recording studio . From creating to remixing, recording artists to scoring movies and television series, Julian has run the gamut from one end of the studio spectrum to the other. 

His latest productions under NOTV on Mile End Records and Casbour has been hitting the charts and getting worldwide recognition from various solid producers and djs.

Julian's music style could be described as a medley of many genres of electronic music. His inspiring melodies, sexy vocals and booty calling bass lines are his trademark.

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