JAY NEWTONE Always been a big fan of music of all genre, Jay started producing music at a really young age just as a hobby, but years kept passing and the feedbacks from everyone in the industry was so positive that it just became natural for him to make it a way of living! Here to bring a new "tone" to the industry at the age of 22 he already played the biggest venues in montreal like Circus Afterhours, Peopl Boutique, Bar Passport & a couple of private venues just to mention a few... Its been now a year and a half he has been going hard into producing techno and tech-house tracks with releases on Tulipe Records , Cat For Lunch, La Famiglia Recordings & Dark Vibe Productions you can't expect more then powerful joints for dancefloors all over the world for the next upcoming years.

ADAM THEGOOSE started in music about 12 years ago.He grown up with a guitar and began to go to clubs as soon as he could.Mixing quickly came an interest for him as he was seeing top dj's perform around him.

A couple years later Adam founded his sound in the Tech-house and tribal grooves.He produces his own material and his signed with Labels like Dark Vibe Productions,Beach Music,Samambaia,Dancelab recording ,Yellowjaxx. The dj has played in different venues in Montreal,Toronto (such as Beach Club, Circus afterhours,Peopl,Passeport,..

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