I am originally from England but now based in Montreal, even after several years of being here my accent and British humour remains fully in tact. Having worked in London for major named design agencies gave me a drive towards the creative and love of marketing ideas. Although my working career in London was largely within the design industry, I originally trained as a photographer and I have been passionately capturing images for over 20 years. I photographed extensively for the music industry in London during the 90's and subsequently had a successful exhibition of my work
in a central London gallery in 1997.

Having photographed at many UK clubs and a strong interest in electronic music it was a given that working alongside Nicola Torriero on his Rhythm is Rhythm project would be an exciting venture for me. Being able to blend my love of photography and work as the creative/marketing support to a very talented DJ, who has been a man of some of Montreal's most innovative events, whats not to love? I have been a huge believer in this project since day one and feel very lucky to be a part of a vision that has the potential to be something very special now and in the future.

I am an avid creative, a chocoholic and sometimes slightly bossy, the perfect combination n'est pas?

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