A composer, DJ, musician, sound designer, physicist, and founder of ONO Records (ONOMAR, ONOBOTS), Jan Pienkowski writes and performs music reflecting his diverse background. His love for music and audio has led him through radio, dance, film, tv, theater, opera and installation projects, but he attributes his real start to DJing to when he won the Global Underground DJ Mix Competition - opening doors to air play of his DJ mixes around the world and the beginning of more serious gigs in Montreal. 

Jan’s performances and projects span four continents and he has played alongside a long list of international and local artists, as well as playing at festivals such as Mutek, Elektra, Black & Blue, MEG, Quebec 400, Divers/Cité, Montreal and Toronto’s Nuit Blanche. His productions have been featured on compilations with artists such as Misstress Barbara, LSG, Max Graham, Ian Pooley, Chromeo, and many others.

Currently Jan is dividing his time between projects in Montreal and Barcelona. His ongoing residency at the SAT keeps him exploring new sonic and visual possibilities while his affection for both techno and house keeps his DJ sets full of twisting turns and floor shaking grooves.

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