#INLAB - An Awsum Kulture & Rhythm Is Rhythm collaboration

Last weekend on Saturday November 19th, was the Night of #INLAB.

#INLAB is an event concept that Montreal collective Awsum Kulture conceived and thry have held a number of previous events under the banner name. This fall the Rhythm is Rhythm team met with Awsum Kulture Collective and we were very honoured to be invited to collaborate with them for an #INLAB event.

After many weeks of photography, graphics, conceptual and marketing ideas, the collaboration was born and the date of November 19th was set. Veronique Coallier who is the marketing and communications head of Rhythm is Rhythm was very driven with having a 'Lab' concept with an element of the popular Boiler Room style, having the DJ's play with the crowd behind them to convey an idea of the crowd and the DJ's being one. Lead Creative of RIR, Jasmine was the MC as well as photographer of the night. We thought it was a unique and live sentiment to actually interview and introduce the DJ's before they played so that the crowd would know a little bit of each artist. Furthermore the idea of having coffee and other refreshments not usually offered at
underground electronic music events gave #INLAB an experimental edge.

We are very proud to say it was a great success, there was an amazing turnout, a lovely crowd who danced away from 10pm right up until the end at 3am. By all accounts of feedback it definitely was a big hit. Together as a collective of Awsum Kulture and Rhythm is Rhythm we can honestly all say we had a great time. Stay tuned for the next one....

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