HECTOR ROMERO An internationally acclaimed DJ, label manager, A+R executive at Def Mix Music, the driving force behind SAW Recordings and currently rolling out a distinctive brand of productions and remixes… Hector Romero is a busy man. Born and raised in The Bronx, Hector’s journey in the music industry started early. Working at a local record store and DJing throughout NYC, firstly at La Mirage in The Bronx before moving on to Manhattan at spots such as Save The Robots, Palladium, The Roxy and The Red Zone. From playing these sessions he was soon asked to be the official opening DJ for David Morales in NYC.

Morales had already spotted the potential in Hector when he asked him to join the Def Mix family as label manager at Definity Records (now Def Mix Music). Hector has now fulfilled that position for 20 years, working closely with the likes of Satoshi Tomiie (with whom he also runs SAW Recordings), Quentin Harris, Frankie Knuckles, and of course, David Morales himself. Throughout this time Hector has established himself as one of the leading music executives in the industry and an integral member of the Def Mix DJ roster.

As a DJ, Hector has developed his craft over the decades. He can command a dance floor with his diverse, eclectic sets and through his involvement with Def Mix has helped define the sound of New York House. Having held residencies at Stereo in Montreal and at Pacha in Ibiza, Hector continues to tour worldwide with regular trips to Japan and across Europe. In addition to his international commitments, Hector also regularly holds it down throughout the U.S. playing clubs in New York City on a monthly basis. You can catch him on Saturdays at Cielo. Compilations such as ‘Defected presents Def Mix Classics’,  ‘Undulations 3’ and ‘Soulful House Journey’ on King Street are a testament to his style and standing as one of the world’s leading tastemaker DJs.

Most recently, and in addition to his regular output through SAW Recordings, Hector is also focusing some time on his studio productions. Through his experience as a DJ, Hector now feels confident in contributing in the studio and recent releases on labels such as King Street, Stealth Records, Kings Of Groove and Floorplay Records are paving the way for higher profile studio collaborations with his Def Mix colleagues  First and foremost as a touring DJ, Hector finds a perfect balance between his work commitments and a healthy family life. It is Hector’s talent and dedication that continue to keep him firmly established amongst the global elite. 

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