ENRICO SANGIULIANO is a Producer, Performer & Sound Designer born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, the exact period is not quite known to experts. Little Enrico spent his childhood manifesting a particular adoration for percussion, creating real performances on pots and pans, school benches, traffic signs and the drums. After hitting any kind of existing material he realized that computers could create sounds on surfaces unknown to reality and make them reverberate in virtual non-existent spaces.

He began performing through DJ-ing at illegal rave parties, playing at the most important raves held in Italy since 2003 and earning space thanks to his numerous unreleased productions that became the rave anthems.

In recent years, Enrico released his tracks on world’s leading labels like Drumcode, Truesoul, Alleanza, Gem Records, Octopus Recordings and Rhythm Converted. In the year of 2015 Enrico’s international recognition took flight. Success came soon with the longest ever running Number One Beatport Techno charted track of the remix ‘Can You Hear Me’ for DJ Boris on Alleanza. Holding onto the #1 position for 14 weeks, along with it consistently in the Beatport main charts for over 5 weeks, Enrico holds the title of the highest selling Beatport Techno track of 2015 and the 'longest time in the global top 10’ in the best of Beatport chart. Earning the number 8 spot on best selling Techno artists of 2015!

International recognition followed in the Techno scene due to his distinctive tracks that are big, multi layered and mind blowing. Gaining respect and support from the top notch artists like: Sven Väth, Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati, Karotte, Gregor Tresher, Alan Fitzpatrick, Pan-Pot, Stephan Bodzin, Sam Paganini, Secret Cinema, Tom Hades and many more. Collaborations and remixes have been made with various music legends such as Armand van Helden, Mauro Picotto and Secret Cinema.

Next to his studio production work, Enrico’s DJ career is constantly increasing, proving the growing demand for his sound globally.

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