DAVE GODIN Tough. Dirty. Raw.

If you like this type of house music, laced with disco, soul, funk or techno, then you need to experience Dave Godin. This 'young man with an old soul' has caught the attention of seasoned club-goers and industry

legends alike, thanks to a strong song selection that mixes the old with the new. And while people may not remember when their love affair with Godin began—be it PARKING nightclub, CIRCUS Afterhours or LOVE SUNDAYS—there is one thing they agree on: his sets will touch your mind, bodyand soul... and leave you wanting more.

P.S Every New Year, brings New Experiences. And the same will be true for Dave’s sound. Stay tuned for original music with live instruments, remixes and re-works produced by TWINNZ—a production partnership that unites Dave with DJ Robert Ouimet (of the Limelight infamy and former Billboard N.A. DJ of the Year). Stay tuned!

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