D & D the duo consisting of Dan & Deez consider to label themselves as techno artists, a blend of an eclectic and underground harmony of electronic, with a futuristic yet vintage touch.

With a residency at the internationally renowned Stereo Nightclub and Stereo Bar in Montreal, D&D also have had the chance to play alongside respected artists such as Joseph Capriati, Kalden Bess, Julian Jeweil, Black Asteroid, Barem, Dubfire, Trus'me, Audio Injection, Drumcell, Maher Daniel, Monoloc, CW/A.

After four years of playing together, Dan & Deez ventured into the production world and recently released on Ground Factory Records and Trapez Ltd. Their sounds can be anticipated to involve a smooth infusion Techno and Melodic resonances. Currently, they are working on a second release for Ground Factory and several other projects with Kalden Bess that will be released in the near future.

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