Darkroom Presents - Chambre Sombre at Place Des Arts

Words and Images : Jasmine Jazz

Last Sunday July 24th 2016 Darkroom (Mike Larry & Gino G) brought a free outdoor event as part of the Just for Laughs Festival Melting Pot Block Party. Five local DJ's playing deep house and techno for 5 hours under the stars on a perfectly warm Montreal summer night. 

It was most definitely a magical night. Andrei B kicked off the night, because of parking I arrived a little after 10pm but there was already a substantial crowd dancing away. Within 15-20 minutes more and more people were gravitating to the thumping beats heard around the Quartier Des Spectacles at Place Des Arts. At 11pm Gino G took over the decks with a most definite switch from his usual techno style to something very much more deep house inspired, I even detected a little vintage house in there, the crowd loved it.

Midnight and everyone got ready for some DARK techno, black clear summer night skies and Mike Larry steps up and takes the crowd into technoland. Joined on stage by dancers Twisted Act who were covered in glowing paint that writhed along with their bodies to the beat. Gian one of the dancers was celebrating his 24th birthday and he definitely gave an incredible dance performance.

At 1am Mike Laz took over the techno reigns but 25 mins in he nicely smooths things with a little melodical edge to his set which was the perfect vibe for RIR's Nicola Torriero to finish off the night at 2am with his ethereal techno that has a dreamy journey style about it. I definitely believe that if it was possible the crowd would have happily danced on until dawn.

As a photographer I love to see the crowds taking photos and videos with their cameras as well as have them interact with me as I shoot to document the night. The greatest thing was seeing the DJ's recording with their phones the crowd and who was playing and best of all to see all five of them on stage together at the end to thank the crowd for the huge support for what was truly a magnificent event which set Montreal apart from a lot of cities where you can safely have good music and fun in the open air. Roll on next year....

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